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Angel's Story:
Scurvy and paralysis

I picked up Angel on Friday, October 1, 2004 to help her back from near-death. The veterinarian's diagnosis was hepatic lipidosis and gastrointestinal stasis secondary to an inadequate diet.

Angel's owner had been unemployed and was having trouble making ends meet and providing for her piggies, so I fostered Angel until the owner could get back on her feet.


DIARY: Monday, October 4

These photos show Angel's affected hind legs due to scurvy. Both legs were immobile on Friday, but by Saturday, with a lot of Critical Care and extra C, she was able to lurch forward. She was unable to keep her balance before, but can hold herself up now.

Even though she likely has liver damage, she has been urinating more and her poop is looking more like a normal poo instead of little shriveled bits. She does not appear to be in pain, and can eat anything once she gets it in her mouth. Although she is a bit poufy, bloat has been ruled out.

So far, I have been giving Pedialyte orally along with about 100mg total of vitamin C daily. She has been getting Critical Care every 2 hours, along with any parsley, dandelion greens, and hay she can eat. I have been hand-feeding her pellets, since both top front teeth have fallen out.

My friend Jo Ann took her Sunday to give her calcium supplementation and a bath to soothe the urine scalding on her bottom. Angel tries to clean herself occasionally, but does not have her balance back quite yet.

I inquired about hepatic lipidosis on GuineaLynx, and they have been very helpful.

Thursday, October 7

Angel's appetite continues to improve, and she has been moving around a bit more, still wobby but determined. I have given her 20cc of subcutaneous fluids each day, which is less than the prescribed dose, but enough with the complementary Pedialyte.

She will be visiting the vet on Saturday, October 9, and hopefully we will be able to get an x-ray to see the extent of what is going on inside.

Angel went back to her owner on January 4, 2005. Her mobility was mainly returned, and her owner promised to continue her recovery. I do not have further information, but I hope that Angel recovered fully.


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