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Welcome to the virtual cavy market, where you can buy really cool stuff from various piggy-product vendors.
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The Wheekly guinea pig emporium at

The Wheekly guinea pig emporium at Etsy

As a burgeoning photographer, Joey Phoenix spends a lot of her time photographing many cute moments in her guinea pig's lives. Naturally, Joey found herself "setting elaborate scenes and scouring thrift stores for small guinea-pig sized props to use in photoshoots."  Now, those photos are available for purchase as VERY ADORABLE guinea pig greeting cards and bookmarks!

Magic Zoo guinea pig jewelry

Created by Laura is a custom sewing and embroidery business based in Rochester, NY. We specialize in handmade bags, blankets and items for guinea pigs and other small pets. Most items are custom made to order and can be customized.

We are also open to custom sewing projects including sewing scout patches. Contact us today to find out how Created by Laura can help you!

Magic Zoo guinea pig jewelry

The Magic Zoo features beautiful handcrafted jewelry for animal lovers.

Artist Merry Rosenfeld is passionate about her animal jewelry. Since 1989 she has worked to create wearable art that represents our most beloved pets and favorite animals. "...Probably my favorite guinea pig jewelry piece is the one where he’s looking right at you. I feel like I captured a bit of the personality of these whimsical little rodents in that look."

EAST COAST hay, treats, and pellets

Sweet Meadow Farm
Sweet Meadow produces high-quality foods for your pet rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, or gerbil. They pride themselves on their home-grown approach,and feature organic hays and feed, as well as Earth-friendly production methods.

Sweet Meadow Farm is a huge supporter of rabbit and guinea pig rescues. They have discount programs for 501(c)3 organizations, and serve as an educational facility teaching animal care to school-age children.

Small Pet Select timothy hay

WEST COAST hay and pellets


Small Pet Select
Small Pet Select is a small operation in Washington run by pet owners for pet owners, delivering high quality timothy hay for small pets directly to the door of owners throughout the continental U.S.

They purchase only the very best quality34hay for rabbits,34guinea pigs and34 chinchillas: soft, green and fragrant, just the way our piggies love it.

Critter Gift Shop offers laser-etched wooden ornaments, magnets, trivets and coasters. Abyssinian and American guinea pig designs available, along with other small animals.

guinea pig earrings

Unicorn Design features beautiful handcrafted jewelry, made with dies dating to the 19th century. Each piece is handmade, so no two are exactly alike. Unicorn has a line of animal jewelry that includes guinea pigs and other small animals.

"I wanted to let you know that I worked with Pia of Unicorn Design, mentioned in your last newsletter, to create piggie earrings that look like my Fern! She also made me three necklaces for Fern to give to my nieces. She was delightful, attentive, and the pieces are darling!

"Just wanted to comment on these designs....I love my guinea pig earrings!! ....definatly recommend anyone who loves jewelry check out the website! Even though she's not in the States, the buying was smooth as silk!!" has original guinea pig designs handcrafted out of REAL GUINEA PIG POOP and then GRAPHICALLY TRANSFORMED for you! Designs appear on apparel, bags, aprons, mugs, cards, mousepads and stamps.



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