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2017 Pet Piggies on Parade calendar $6.25 / $5.25

Each year, Pet Piggies on Parade is found on office desks, cafe bulletin boards, library counters, and even a government office lobby or two! I have enjoyed hearing where these little calendars end up.

Calendar case and pages are a bit smaller than 3.75 by 3.75 inches. The calendar case is a mini CD-style case that swings open to create an easel for your calendar pages. If you already have a case (or just want to pin the pages on a wall), feel free to order the "Pages Only" option.

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5x7 card calendar $1.75 -buy more and save!

A double sided postcard-sized calendar that fits nicely into a notebook, with links to helpful resources and room on the back for any sort of reference stuff you want to keep handy!

CavyMadness calendars

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